Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Haunted Keelboat! October 25 and 26, 3 to 7 PM, Terrace of the New Center

We're haunting our Keelboat for the first time ever!  Our 55 ft. replica keelboat has moved to its new home, and some ghosts have come with it.  There are thirteen ghost animals that Lewis & Clark encountered on the Expedition:  condor, bear, prairie dog, passenger pigeon, magpie, ox, horse, rattlesnake, buffalo, monarch butterfly, beaver, salmon, and dog.  And there are the ghosts of Thomas Jefferson, Meriwether Lewis, and William Clark.  Sergeant Floyd is also inhabiting the cabin where he died of appendicitis...but not in his old form.

Appropriate for young children, groups leave every twenty minutes to hear about the animals and to board the Keelboat.  Admission $5.  Children under three years old are free.

We also have some room for a few animal performers!  Email lewisandclark@lewisandclarkvirginia.org if you are interested.