Monday, April 28, 2014

More Photos from the Dogwood Parade

President Fran Lawrence lets visitors on the Red Pirogue before the parade.

As the Red Pirogue launched, we passed a group of Clydesdales

Like all good explorers, Hermi had brought a snack along for the ride.

A bumblebee stayed on my hand as I waved to the crowds.  At one point, it clutched to my finger as if its legs had suction cups on them.

Fran Lawrence, Chauncy Hutter and Chauncey's eleven-year-old granddaughter Hermi

John Conover's three-year-old granddaughter brought along a plastic explorer's knife and wore a hat with feathers.

My godson could be seen in the Charlottesville marching band.

We make the uphill climb thank to Digs Inc.!

Nat Bryant, Hermi, and I stood at the front of the boat waving.

A backward look at the crew...

Cotton candy for sale.

We make the turn towards High Street.

As we complete our journey, the Clydesdales are right there with us.

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