Monday, February 2, 2015

Kickstarter Animals!

We have two weeks to reach $2000 on our Kickstarter campaign, and each day we're going to post about the animals our dance and art program teaches children about. Here are some photos from our maskmaking and drawing programs. Also, included is a buffalo sign that we use for scavenger hunts along the trails.

To translate an animal into a dance, we teach children the basics of their movements. Here are the buffalo basics: Their huge heads and hump make them seem top heavy as they move. They are big, but fast and agile. They move in herds, and can go as fast as thirty miles an hour. When they shed their long fur in the spring, they rub against trees and rocky outcrops. Their fur falls off in tatters. Buffalo roll in the earth to relieve themselves from insects. In the mid to late summer the bulls fight each other for females. They lower their heads and paw the ground. Historically, buffalo could be found not only in the Midwest but on the East Coast, and as far south as Mexico.

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